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I'm not just an actor... 

I'm a human skin-sack filled with bones. And also, a Creator. I write content that makes women say "I've felt that way before! Also, does anyone have a hair tie?" I also direct, produce, and edit content for creators like Marina & NiccoTOS ComedyThree Weak Kids, and NY Times director and Comedy Hack Day award winner Alec Cohen, just to name all of them. 


Creator / Writer / Star

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Season 1 - 330,000 View on YouTube

Until they removed it for "inappropriate content"

Ep. 1 - Charlie

Ep. 2 - More Room

Ep. 3 - Traction

Ep. 4 - The Way It Is

Anyone that has ever had bad sex will want to check out FUCKING. This four-episode series, created by and starring Sarah Smallwood Parsons, gives viewers a peek at some of the bizarre characters that find their way into your bed; a guy who keeps his shoes on, a dude who names your body parts, a man who talks about Paella mid-coitus. This half-scripted, half-improvised comedy, directed by two-time Comedy Hack Day prize-winner Alec Cohen, stars a cast of comedians and improvisors who have appeared on Girls, Divorced, UCB Comedy, and more. FUCKING has been featured by Brooklyn Women's Film Fest, LA Comedy Fest, Portland Comedy Film Fest, Encounters (UK), FunnyOrDie, HOWL Magazine, and more. 

'Personal Business' on

Creator / Writer /Star

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50K Views On Facebook

Ep. 8 - Friendly Ghosting

EP. 6 - Harry Potter Sex House

Ep. 7 - Sugar babies

Ep. 5 - Dating A Friend's Ex

'Night Crew'

Assistant Director / Producer

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / PRODUCER of 'Night Crew' - Winner of the NYTVF 2017 Comedy Central Development Award

*Winner of the NYTVF Comedy Central Development Award 2017*

Mike, Adrien and Katie are the three night shift employees of the Pentagon's data entry department. They have access to the world’s biggest secrets, and they are completely unsupervised. Unfortunately for them, they are also incredibly stupid.

More Videos I've DIRECTED

'Who's Coming With Me' by Johnny DiNapoli

'Tonnie' by Three Weak Kids (Writer)

"Bathroom Crying" by TOS Comedy (Writer)

"Office Birthday" by TOS Comedy (Writer)