Character Program

Perfect Strangers

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Who Are We?

Perfect Strangers is a monthly showcase at Vital Joint, hosted by Sarah Smallwood Parsons and featuring some of the best character performers on the scene right now. 




Auditions will be held ______ at _____. Please prepare a 3-5 minute audition consisting of 3-5 characters (no impressions). Sign up for an audition slot here:

Perfect Strangers runs on a 6 month cycle. At the end of six months there is a Best Of show and all current team members must re-audition if they wish to remain on the team. Monthly dues are $60 to cover the coach and rehearsal space. Rehearsals are mandatory. 



Rehearsals are mandatory. If you miss 2 rehearsals or the last rehearsal before the show, you cannot perform. Being more than thirty minutes late to a rehearsal or leaving more than 30 minutes early is considered an absence. Failing to attend rehearsal or pay your dues will result in being removed from the team